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2017-08-21 (Mon)
Hi guys! Thank you all for coming to my Funk Tribute Show last week! We will be doing it again on October 4th at the same venue. Details will come soon! In the meantime I have my next Funky JAAAAM session coming up! Click ...   >> more

2017-08-08 (Tue)
Hi guys! Today I will be playing a gig at around 7pm with a group called Guitar Groove Lab. We will be playing some Fusion and Funk tracks. It's at 'Marui City' in Ikebukuro which is on the west exit side. See you there!   >> more

2017-07-25 (Tue)
Hey guys just to Remind you all of a couple of jam sessions I'll be hosting at. I'll be at none other than my own Jam Session, Simon's Funky Jaaaam Session Vol. 14 It will be this Thursday night at Crawfish in Akasaka, Tokyo. For more ...   >> more

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Upcoming Shows

2017-08-26 (Sat) -
Venue: Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Tokyo, JPN @ 12:00PM Family Day Event
Band/Artist: Tommy Jaime - Bass, Sean Tait - Keyboard/Piano
Cost: N/A

2017-08-31 (Thu) -
Venue: Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo, JPN @ 7:00PM OPEN, 7:30PM START. Simons Funky Jaaaam Session
Band/Artist: Jeff Curry - Bass, ?? - Guitar
Cost: 2160YEN (including 1 drink)

2017-09-11 (Mon) -
Venue: Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo, JPN @ 7:30PM STORMY MONDAY BLUES JAM SESSION V25
Band/Artist: Tommy Jaime - Bass, Alberto Garcia - Guitar
Cost: 2160YEN (including 1 drink)

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