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2017-10-17 (Tue)
Hey guys! Sorry it's been a long time since my last post! I have been quite busy however, I have always been updating my shows section of the site so you can always check that out for new shows I have coming ...   >> more

2017-09-26 (Tue)
Thanks to everyone that came out to my jam session last Monday ...   >> more

2017-09-22 (Fri)
Thanks so much to everyone that came to Naoki Itaya's Jam Session. It was so much fun meeting new faces and hosting with Naoki and ...   >> more

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Upcoming Shows

2017-10-25 (Wed) -
Venue: Enlisted Club, Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Tokyo, JPN @ 5:00PM Quarterly Membership Night
Band/Artist: Tommy Jaime - Bass, Sean Tait - Keyboard/Piano
Cost: N/A

2017-10-26 (Thu) -
Venue: Crawfish, Akasaka, Tokyo, JPN @ 7:00PM OPEN, 7:30PM START. Simons Funky Jaaaam Session Vol. 17
Band/Artist: Jeff Curry - Bass, Thomas Muramatsu - Guitar
Cost: 2160YEN (including 1 drink)

2017-10-27 (Fri) -
Venue: The Warrior Celt, Ueno, Tokyo, JPN @ 8:30PM
Band/Artist: Layer Of Generation (Blues Covers Band) Jun Tatami - Vocals/Bass, Yasuto - Guitar
Cost: Free however, you should buy food and drinks

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