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2016-08-22 (Mon)
I will be co-hosting a jam session with Alberto Garcia, Michael Fogarty and Keith ...   >> more

2016-08-08 (Mon)
Hey Everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates to this website. I was back in New Zealand for a long time and was unable to access my computer! Anyway it's been a long time and I thought I should update you on a few ...   >> more

2016-06-11 (Sat)
I will be playing with Monique Dehaney (Mandala Band) tomorrow at this event! Come along if you're ...   >> more

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Upcoming Shows

2016-08-31 (Wed) -
Venue: RPM, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, JPN @ 7:30PM Jam Session!
Band/Artist: Bass - Naoki Itaya, Piano - Hiroko Numabe
Cost: 2000Yen (Including 1 drink)

2016-09-03 (Sat) -
Venue: Absolute Blue, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, JPN @ 5PM
Band/Artist: Reina Ito
Cost: 3500YEN

2016-09-05 (Mon) -
Venue: 新所沢Nave, Shin-Tokorozawa, Tokyo, JPN @ 8PM Jam Session
Band/Artist: Host Band
Cost: TBC

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