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2017-02-23 (Thu)
Thanks to everyone that came out last night! Also thanks to other host musicians, Derek Short and Thomas Muramatsu! And thanks to Daiei Kubo for putting up with ...   >> more

2017-02-19 (Sun)
I will be playing with Ray Dorsey (Ex Drifters) this coming Sunday. Information is in my 'Live Shows' section and just ...   >> more

2017-02-19 (Sun)
This is some footage from Derek Short's Jam Session on the 12th of ...   >> more

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Upcoming Shows

2017-02-26 (Sun) -
Venue: Mahoroza, Machida, Tokyo, JPN @ 7:30PM
Band/Artist: Ray Dorsey Band
Cost: 4500YEN

2017-02-27 (Mon) -
Venue: Absolute Blue, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, JPN @ 7PM Derek Short Jam Session
Band/Artist: Derek Short - Bass, Mac Fukuda - Guitar
Cost: 2000Yen (Including 1 drink)

2017-03-05 (Sun) -
Venue: Somethin Jazz, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, JPN @ 8:00PM JAM
Band/Artist: Euan Richard - Guitar, Akira Iwata - Bass, Akira Omino - Piano
Cost: 2200YEN (Free Drinks!)

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