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2018-02-13 (Tue)
This coming week my next jam session that’s part of the “Hot Minute” Series is happening again! Will be great to see you all there! 今週木曜日の夜ホットミニットジャムセッション!

Please click the banner below to go to the Facebook event page!
Facebook event pageは下のバンナーにクリックして下さい!

2018-02-06 (Tue)
Hi guys! I will be playing with the legendary Tony Lindsay on the 23rd of February. Check out details below on the flyer! こんばんは! 僕は2月23日にTony Lindsayと一緒に演奏します!下のフライアーをみて下さい!

2018-01-26 (Fri)
I have started a Funk project called "GroovAlympics" and we will be having our first show next month! 砂金新しいファンクのグループを始めたので、蘿月がデビューライブで空いてたらぜひ来て下さい!

2018-01-25 (Thu)
Remember guys that I have my jam session coming up next week Tuesday (30th of January). Come on down and jam with us! Click the banner below to check out details on the Facebook event page. 来週火曜日は私のジャムセッションです! ぜひ来て一緒に楽しくジャムしましょう!細かい情報は下のバンナーをクリックしてFacebook event pageをみてください。

2018-01-09 (Tue)
Thanks to all those that came out to What The Dickens the other night! Here's some Drum Cam footage from it!

2018-01-03 (Wed)
Happy New Year everyone! Here's another flyer for another gig coming up!

2017-12-24 (Sun)
Had a great time with Monique, Takuma and Simon over the last two nights playing a bunch of Christmas songs and other good music! Hope to do it again soon! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

2017-12-10 (Sun)
Tomorrow (Monday) Alberto, Tommy and myself will be hosting the LAST Stormy Monday Blues Jam Session EVER so if you're free please definitely make it down and jam with us one last time at this session we had been doing for the last 3 years! Info is in the SHOWS section so please check that out. It's going to be fun!

2017-12-05 (Tue)
To start off 2018 I will be doing a jam session at Ikebukuro Somethin' Jazz for the first time in a while! Click the banner below to go to the Facebook event page!

2017-12-04 (Mon)
Don't forget that I have 2 nights in a row worth of Christmas dinner shows coming up with Monique Dehaney! It's going to be great!

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