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2017-09-22 (Fri)
Thanks so much to everyone that came to Naoki Itaya's Jam Session. It was so much fun meeting new faces and hosting with Naoki and Takuma!

2017-09-19 (Tue)
Tomorrow I will be co-hosting a jam session with Naoki Itaya on Bass and Takuma 'Higashi-Beppu' on Guitar at RPM in Shimo-Kitazawa. The genre will be pretty much anything apart from probably Metal. Come on down and jam with us. The jam will start around 7:30pm. I see you there. For more information please go to the Facebook event page by clicking HERE.

2017-09-03 (Sun)
Hey guys. At the last minute I have been asked to be a drummer behind the amazing female singer, Gow that is happening on the 12th of September at the Shinagawa Prince Park Tower in Azabujuban. It will be held inside the 'Melody Line' Event Hall. Check out my shows section HERE for more details or check out the flyers below. You can also check out the Facebook event page HERE.

2017-09-01 (Fri)
Hey guys! It's the first of the month which also marks the official date for when Summer should be starting to come to an end. Thank God because it's so hot here in Tokyo during Summer! Anyway, I'm going to be hosting another Funky JAAAAM Session on the 25th of September 2017 in the same place at the same time. To find out more look at my "shows' section HERE or go take a look at the Facebook EVENT PAGE.

今月の25日にまたSimon's Funky JAAAAM Sessionをやります。Facebookのイベントページはこちらです

2017-08-31 (Thu)
Thanks to everyone who came out to Simon's Funky JAAAAM Session Vol. 15! It was so much fun!

2017-08-21 (Mon)
Hi guys! Thank you all for coming to my Funk Tribute Show last week! We will be doing it again on October 4th at the same venue. Details will come soon! In the meantime I have my next Funky JAAAAM session coming up! Click HERE for the Facebook Event Page.

2017-08-08 (Tue)
Hi guys! Today I will be playing a gig at around 7pm with a group called Guitar Groove Lab. We will be playing some Fusion and Funk tracks. It's at 'Marui City' in Ikebukuro which is on the west exit side. See you there!

2017-07-25 (Tue)
Hey guys just to Remind you all of a couple of jam sessions I'll be hosting at. I'll be at none other than my own Jam Session, Simon's Funky Jaaaam Session Vol. 14 It will be this Thursday night at Crawfish in Akasaka, Tokyo. For more information look at the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

I will also be co-hosting another upcoming jam event on the 31st of July at Somethin' Jazz in Ikebukuro. Please look at the FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE.

For more upcoming shows please take a look at my SHOWS section.

2017-07-21 (Fri)
Tonight I will be playing with Blues Rock covers band, Layer Of Generation at The Warrior Celt in Okachimachi! Come on down for a good time and drinks! We will be starting at 9pm!

2017-07-20 (Thu)
Tonight I will be playing some sets at Zatta Lounge in Shinjuku Hilton Tokyo. Inside the hotel has a very nice buffet on the 1st floor which I strongly recommend also. Zatta Lounge is on the 2nd floor. We will be starting at around 7pm with our last set finishing at 11pm.

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